All fabrics using to make Two Hummingbirds Bespoke Mannequins are individually selected to be stylish and decorative, using both local and international materials. Some fabrics have been chosen to stand out, whilst others create a soft canvas for clothing.

Mannequin fabric covers are all hand tailored in individually selected fabrics, and top-stitched for extra strength, with the option of a flat back, dress zip back or special corset laced finish.

If you would like a Two Hummingbirds unique mannequin in your own specific fabric, please contact us for suitability and a quote .


The mannequins body is made from a tough moulded fiberglass, with a soft material covering.

Base and Neck

The tripod base and neck piece are made from natural solid beech wood and come in 3 colour finishes: natural, black or white.

Chrome Stand

Each mannequin is height adjustable using a sturdy chrome stand which fits into the fiberglass body.


All mannequins are height adjustable using the chrome stand. Approximate measurements are as follows:
Female Size 10
Bust: 85cm
Waist: 63.5cm
Hips: 89cm
Shoulder Height: 138cm – 145cm